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Dr. Varsha


  • Treatment specialist for pcod, UTI, arthritis.
  • Gynaecology, Panchkarma.
  • Rajasthan
  • BAMS, MS
  • 3 Year Experience
  • 100


Dr. Varsha is an Ayurved physician, Specialization in gynecological disorders and obstetrician consultant, Gynaecological Panchakarma procedures, skincare and health care, chronic joint problem, Provide some handmade drugs on special demands, etc.

Ayurveda is a system of holistic and individualized medicine having preventive, curative, mitigative, recuperative and rehabilitative aspects. The principal objectives of Ayurveda are maintenance and promotion of health, prevention of disease and cure of sickness.


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    Dr. Varsha is the nicest doc . She made a prefect diagnosis to go along with a great prescription, which instantly made me feel a hundred times better. I would like to thank her for the consult . Would highly recommend

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    Dr. Varsha provided me with ample info and best guided me to take the right decision for my prescribed treatment.The results thus far are positive. She was very polite as well. Great experience!

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    I generally avoid consulting online. But, here I must say I am amazed at the way Dr. Varsha consulted me. She is skilled and highly professional in his work.

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    Highly appreciable services by trusrtayur. Amaze to receive such a high-class service from Trustayur and Varsha mam. The best consultation ever received. 

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    This was my first experience with trustayur, and this is one of the best services I have ever experienced from online consultation. Greatly appreciated.

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    She is commendable! She treats her patients like friends and patiently listened to them. She makes sure that patients feel free to connect, share their entire problem and then figure out the problem and cure.

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    I believe in Ayurveda more than anything else, but the consultation I received from trustayur was the first one ever. Dr. Varsha is brilliant in her work, and this strengthens my belief in Ayurveda.

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    Extremely satisfied with the trustayur consultancy services. Vigilant doctors, proper take care of their patients and get regular feedback. Especially, Varsha mam.

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    I always prefer ayurvedic medicines to any other, and since I came to know about Trustayur, my faith in Ayurveda increased manifold. Great consultant services and highly qualified doctors.

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    Dr. Varsha is a professional doctor, and her love for the job is undefeatable. She cures their patients with proper care, and the best thing is she keeps tracking until the patient gets properly recovered.

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    Dr. Varsha is a kind lady. More than that, she is a great doctor. Her friendly and caring nature makes her different from other doctors. She knows what she does, and she does amazing.

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    I was worried about my skin until I visited Varsha mam. I explained to her about my problem. She patiently listened and politely shared her experiences and gave me some medication. In the next few weeks, my face pimples start reducing. Thank you, Mam!

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are your doctors qualified?

Trustayur is committed to the highest standards of excellence. We manually verify necessary documents, registrations and certifications to ensure that every doctor on our site has their credentials in order before they're approved to provide services online with us!

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We are committed to the security and confidentiality of patient information, so we have implemented industry-standard practices and encryption techniques across our process. You can rest assured that your online consultation with a doctor will be completely safe!

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your first consultation from the doctors on the trustayur preferred panel is 100% free. For any follow up consultation, you will have to pay our standard consultation charge.

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