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  • Treatment specialist for pcod, UTI.
  • Gastroenterology, Gynaecology.
  • Kerala
  • BAMS
  • 2 Year Experience
  • 100


Dr. SHAMEEMA MT is practicing as surgeon in Ayurveda. in past she has worked in Govt. Ayurveda Medical College Pariyaram as House Surgeon. at present she is working in AYUR DEEPAM Kerala Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment Centre as senior Doctor, with it she is associated with many Ayurveda medicines manufacturing companies as consultant Doctor (Kotakkal Arya Vaidya sala Agency and Working as Doctor at Vaidyarathnam Ayurveda Agency).


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    Trustayur is committed to the highest standards of excellence. We manually verify necessary documents, registrations and certifications to ensure that every doctor on our site has their credentials in order before they're approved to provide services online with us!

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    We are committed to the security and confidentiality of patient information, so we have implemented industry-standard practices and encryption techniques across our process. You can rest assured that your online consultation with a doctor will be completely safe!

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    your first consultation from the doctors on the trustayur preferred panel is 100% free. For any follow up consultation, you will have to pay our standard consultation charge.

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