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  • Treatment specialist for Hair Treatment, Dry Cough, Nasal Polyps, Thyroid, Deviated Nasal Septum, Burning Mouth, Migraine, Fever, Cough and Cold, Asthma, Weight Loss, Stomach Ache,
  • General Medicine, Gastroenterology.
  • Rajasthan
  • BAMS. MD.
  • 15 Year Experience
  • ₹ 220


Dr. Naresh Kumar Garg is a popular Ayurveda Doctor. He is Young and Enthusiastic doctor with personal touch to patients, he is kind, Soft Spoken, Warm Hearted Person, he is respected in community as a senior ayurveda doctor.

DR. NARESH GARG is expert in NADI PARIKSHAN , PANCHKARMA , LEECH THERAPY & SUVARNAPRASHAN. HE has worked upon Suvarnaprashan for last 5 years. HE  has completed his UG from NIA collage and He did MD in  Department of Dravyaguna from Rajasthan Ayurveda University, Udaipur. Dr naresh has attended and  given awareness lecture on SUVARNAPRASHAN to International Community at DUBAI in jan 2020 and is giving online and in colllege lectures on SUVARNAPRASHAN at various colleges in Aligarh, ujjain, and jhalawar.


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