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Dr. Mohini S Raut


  • Treatment specialist for Uterus Prolapse, PCOS, Thyroid, Burning Mouth, Stomach Ache, Weight Loss.
  • Gynaecology, Gastroenterology.
  • Maharashtra
  • BAMS MD.
  • 7 Year Experience
  • ₹ 520


Dr. Mohini s Raut has done her BAMS MD. from Mumbai (Maharashtra) in year 2013. She has practical experience of working in Ayurveda clinic in Pune for 4 years. she has specialization in Ptata Vyadhi, Pittaj Vikar, Sandhivat, Grudhrashi, Pcos, Irregular Menses, Grahani, Shirshool, General Debility Headace, Hair fall, and other Gyanc Related Issues.


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