Online ayurvedic doctor consultation for pilonidal sinus treatment

Online ayurvedic doctor consultation for pilonidal sinus treatment

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+25 doctors are online

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frequently asked questions

can Ayurveda cure pilonidal sinus without surgery?

Depending on the severity of symptoms, surgery may or may not be recommended to remove pilonidal cyst. Draining the cyst might also help.

is pilonidal sinus permanent?

Treatments like laser hair removal have been reported in decreasing both short-term and long-term recurrence of this condition, which brings faster and better results.

can you live with a pilonidal sinus?

Many can live a lifetime with a pilonidal sinus. But in some cases, it might lead to painful conditions and interruptions in daily standards of livelihood.

how do you sleep with a pilonidal cyst?

When you’re lying on your side, be cautious not to curl into a position, such that it affects your lower back. Bringing extra pillows for comfort can also prove to be helpful.

how long does the pilonidal sinus take to heal according to Ayurveda?

Pilonidal sinus may need 1 to 2 months to heal. But in some cases, it may also take up to 6 months to heal.

how fast can a pilonidal cyst return?

These cysts can usually recur within the first six months after treatment. In most cases, unhealed sinuses or additional cysts that have remained unseen by the diagnosing doctor, might also create problems.

what happens if a pilonidal cyst remains untreated?

There are plenty of cases, whereby people are handling these conditions with utmost confidence. However, when left untreated, pilonidal cysts may turn into a chronic condition in which recurrent pilonidal cysts are developed one after the other.

are your doctors qualified?

Trustayur is committed to the highest standards of excellence. We manually verify necessary documents, registrations and certifications to ensure that every doctor on our site has their credentials in order before they're approved to provide services online with us!

is online consultation safe on trustayur?

We are committed to the security and confidentiality of patient information, so we have implemented industry-standard practices and encryption techniques across our process. You can rest assured that your online consultation with a doctor will be completely safe!

can i do a free online doctor consultation on trustayur?

your first consultation from the doctors on the trustayur preferred panel is 100% free. For any follow up consultation, you will have to pay our standard consultation charge.

what happens if i don't get a response from a doctor?

Your satisfaction is our priority. In the unlikely event that you do not receive a response from us, please let us know and we'll give you a 100% refund!

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