Online ayurvedic doctor consultation for fungal infection treatment

Online ayurvedic doctor consultation for fungal infection treatment

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Samir Singh

He is a highly qualified and dedicated doctor. He makes the complete process so smooth. My experience with him was good, and will definitely look to him for future treatment.
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Anuj Rai

I had an infection last month, I visited Dr. Amit on the recommendation of my friend. I am surprised that my infection was cured within a month, and I am glad to visit him. Thank you, Dr. Amit, for your valuable services.
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My children loved Dr. Sumit Doraya. I would highly recommend Dr. Sumit Doraya if you want a consultation for your children.

+25 doctors are online

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Dr. Divya Leena Prem

BAMS | 10 years of experiance

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Dr. Gargi Hiren Raval

B.A.M.S. | 10 years of experiance

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Dr. Hiren N Raval

M.D.(Ayurveda) | 10 years of experiance

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Dr. Rekha J

BAMS, MD | 4 years of experiance

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Dr. Varsha

BAMS, MS | 3 years of experiance

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Dr. Himanshu Chouhan

BAMS, MD | 4 years of experiance

frequently asked questions

why does fungal infection occur time and again?

The tendency of fungus infections to recur, especially on the feet and toenails, is considered to be a genetic condition. Since skin cannot recognize fungus as foreign, it tries to get rid of it. But as soon as the body's immune system learns to live along with the fungus, it no longer tries to get rid of it leading to risky consequences.

what kills a fungal infection naturally?

Natural remedies like garlic, aloe vera, turmeric etc are proven to be extremely efficient in killing fungal infections naturally.

how serious can a fungal infection be?

Fungal infections, if left untreated may lead to risky skin conditions, whereby anyone with a weakened immune system might be more likely to contract a fungal infection, especially if there is a positive family history.

can fungal infections be cured by Ayurveda?

There are a plethora of Ayurvedic formulations and medications which have been used in treating fungal infections for centuries. One such example is Neem oil, which in Ayurvedic lines of treatment is considered to be a potent antibiotic having an anti-inflammatory action. You may also apply neem leaves onto the affected areas, for better results.

do fungal infections return after a specific period of time?

Yes. Fungal infections may recur time and again. For instance, a chronic yeast infection does not go away permanently and may return more than twice in a period of 6 months. But in such cases, doctors usually recommend a higher dosage of medication to prevent any kind of reinfections.

how can fungal infections be prevented in its initial stages?

Practicing good personal hygiene, avoiding tight-fitted clothes, reducing stress damages on skin, proper hydration and a healthy diet does wonders on curing fungal infections, mainly in its initial stages.

what are some of the common symptoms of fungus infections in the body?

Some of the most common symptoms of fungus infections are fatigue, headache, muscle aches or joint pain, night sweats, itchy or scaly skin etc.

are your doctors qualified?

Trustayur is committed to the highest standards of excellence. We manually verify necessary documents, registrations and certifications to ensure that every doctor on our site has their credentials in order before they're approved to provide services online with us!

is online consultation safe on trustayur?

We are committed to the security and confidentiality of patient information, so we have implemented industry-standard practices and encryption techniques across our process. You can rest assured that your online consultation with a doctor will be completely safe!

can i do a free online doctor consultation on trustayur?

your first consultation from the doctors on the trustayur preferred panel is 100% free. For any follow up consultation, you will have to pay our standard consultation charge.

what happens if i don't get a response from a doctor?

Your satisfaction is our priority. In the unlikely event that you do not receive a response from us, please let us know and we'll give you a 100% refund!

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