Online ayurvedic doctor consultation for arthritis treatment

Online ayurvedic doctor consultation for arthritis treatment

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I was suffering from joint pain. It hurts so badly that I can't even walk properly. I visited Dr. Himanshu's clinic. He treated me gently and within a few weeks, my pains were almost over.
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Dr. Varsha is a kind lady. More than that, she is a great doctor. Her friendly and caring nature makes her different from other doctors. She knows what she does, and she does amazing.

+25 doctors are online

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Dr. Divya Leena Prem

BAMS | 10 years of experiance

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Dr. Gargi Hiren Raval

B.A.M.S. | 10 years of experiance

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Dr. Hiren N Raval

M.D.(Ayurveda) | 10 years of experiance

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Dr. Rekha J

BAMS, MD | 4 years of experiance

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Dr. Varsha

BAMS, MS | 3 years of experiance

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Dr. Himanshu Chouhan

BAMS, MD | 4 years of experiance

frequently asked questions

how does Ayurvedic treatment work against Arthritis?

the Ayurvedic line of treatment against Arthritis usually starts with an internal purification process, followed by a special diet, herbal formulations, massage therapies and several others. Studies show that following ayurvedic practices are helpful in reducing inflammation and easing arthritis symptoms, to a mass extent.

what is the best Ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis?

there’s no such treatment as ‘best’. Treatments and medications vary from person to person. Which is why, proper consultations with doctors are suggested, to find out which combination of Ayurvedic treatments will be the most effective, keeping in mind the root causes and symptoms

which Indian herbs help in curing Arthritis?

Herbs including patala, gambhari, brihati and several others are effective in treating inflammatory conditions against Arthritis. But before intaking such herbs, proper consultations must be done with doctors, for better results and faster recovery.

what are the initial symptoms of Arthritis?

symmetrical pain at joints, stiffness, swelling, redness and decreased range of motion are some of the initial symptoms of arthritis. In case of unbearable pain, patients are strongly suggested to consult with their respective physicians.

can Ayurvedic medications against Arthritis be taken with any other combination of medicines simultaneously?

sometimes, other therapies can interfere with the ayurvedic medications, and the consequences for patients can become worse. This is why we, at Trustayur, strongly recommend our patients to discuss with doctors regarding any kind of complementary therapy they’d like to use.

are your doctors qualified?

Trustayur is committed to the highest standards of excellence. We manually verify necessary documents, registrations and certifications to ensure that every doctor on our site has their credentials in order before they're approved to provide services online with us!

is online consultation safe on trustayur?

We are committed to the security and confidentiality of patient information, so we have implemented industry-standard practices and encryption techniques across our process. You can rest assured that your online consultation with a doctor will be completely safe!

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