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Causes of PCOS

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causes of PCOS

One out of every ten women today suffers from PCOS.  But believe us, it is perfectly normal and many women out there deal bravely with this.  Question remains, what are the causes of PCOS? What are the reasons for which PCOS occurs? As an answer to this question, if you’re not yet sure about the symptoms of PCOS that you’re probably suffering from, TrustAyur brings you an online Ayurvedic consultation for PCOS to make sure you get rid of it with faster results. So, in case, you want to know more about the root causes behind PCOS, here’s the full breakdown.


Since PCOS runs through one generation after another in a hereditary manner, any single one of your family members can pass on this problem to you. It might also happen, that your family members who were suffering from PCOS, didn’t know about their disease, this entire time. So, in such cases, consider asking your relatives about the symptoms of PCOS, and find out whether they undergo the same.

Weight gain

Many a times, women think that weight gain is solely due to PCOS but doctors recommend the opposite. So please don’t get confused! There are an increasing number of lean women out there suffering from PCOS, so weight gain may or may not be the cause behind your disorder. 

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Insulin Resistance

The chief role of insulin is that it lowers blood sugar by storing the glucose in your cells. So, the cells in turn, become resistant to constant insulin and this increases the threat of Type 2 diabetes. Not only does it happen throughout the body, but also in the ovaries. This leads to the increase of male hormones, leading to the problems of PCOS.

Excess amount of Androgen

To understand why androgen causes problems like PCOS in our body, we’ve to realize what is androgen, in the first place. Androgens are a group of sex hormones, which help start puberty and play a role in our reproductive health and body development. So, many a times, the ovaries produce abnormally high levels of androgen and this in turn leads to the risk of PCOS. It also causes other symptoms like acne and hair fall.

Low-grade inflammation

In inflammatory PCOS, inflammation causes ovaries to produce excess testosterone which causes several issues with ovulation. This also includes joint pain, fatigue, headaches, skin issues and IBS.

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