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Can I get pregnant with PCOS?

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can i get pregnant with pcos

PCOS is a syndrome caused due to hormonal imbalance in women. PCOS is very common and one of the causes is infertility. In PCOS disorder, there is an interference in the release of eggs from the ovaries. If you don’t ovulate you won’t be able to conceive. The treatment of PCOS is not permanent but the effects can be minimised. If you need guidance on increasing your chances and ovulation, you can book an online consultation with our ayurvedic experts. Keep reading to know what are some of the most common treatments for pregnancy in PCOS.

Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a major game-changer for women with PCOS. Weight loss can be done with cardio and strength training, a proper healthy diet, yoga asanas, excluding carbohydrates, dairy products and sugar from the diet and having lots of fruits and vegetables.

Medicinal treatment

Infertility can be treated using natural remedies like diet, exercise etc. But if you are not getting any results, you should consult a doctor and take the prescribed medicine. You can also try herbal Polycyst capsules and Nari Yauvan Syrup recommended by our ayurvedic experts.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

If the medication is not enough, IVF can act as a saviour for you. In this process, your egg is fertilized with your partner’s sperm in a laboratory. It is then implanted in your uterus. The IVF treatment has higher chances of conceiving and has been proven to be a safe process. 

Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation


If all the above methods do not work, surgery is also a recommended option. The outer shell of women with PCOS is thickened and it prevents spontaneous ovulation. Ovarian drilling is also another option in which holes are made with laser treatment on the surface of the ovary. The surgeries can be successful but are active only for 6-8 months. 

Consult an expert to get Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS

If you want an Ayurvedic expert to give you advice on the PCOS diet, visit TrustAyur where you can book an online consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor in just one easy step and get personalized treatment with a customized diet plan, expert opinion, and medication to PCOS.

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